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Regine Kadgien

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Name:Regine Kadgien

Regine Kadgien, née Bolter studied Telematics at the Graz University of Technology and received her PhD in 2001 in the field of digital image processing. She has been a program director for computer science at the FH Vorarlberg since 2003, currently for the FH Bachelor’s program in Computer Science - Software and Information Engineering and the FH Master’s program in Computer Science, as well as a member of the FH College and, since 2012, chair of the FH College Complaints Committee. In these functions, she has successfully led several curriculum developments according to the Bologna Study Architecture. As Vice Rector for Teaching (2006 to 2011), she was, among other things, significantly involved in the development of the examination regulations according to the FHStG.

In teaching she is active in the areas of computer architecture and computer networks; scientific work; computer graphics and image processing; supervision of professional internships, bachelor and master theses.

Regine Kadgien was appointed National Bologna Expert by the European Commission in July 2009 upon proposal of the Austrian Conference of Universities of Applied Sciences, and held this position, from 2014 under the new name National Expert for the European Higher Education Area, until the end of 2018. 2012 - 2015 she was seconded by the Federal Ministry of Science and Research as Austrian representative to the European Commission’s working group for the further development of the ECTS Users Guide.

Since 2018, Regine Kadgien has been working as a subject matter expert in the field of informatics for certification according to the new Engineering Act (IngG 2017).

Affiliation:FHV Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences
Research interests:Computer architecture and computer networks


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