Yulei Sui

Registered user since Sun 24 Apr 2016

Name: Yulei Sui

Country: Australia

Affiliation: University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Personal website: https://yuleisui.github.io/

Research interests: Programming Analysis, Software Engineering and Machine Learning


LCTES 2020pc in Program Committee within the LCTES 2020-track
A-Mobile 2019Committee Member in Program Committee within the A-Mobile 2019-track
ICSE 2021Committee Member in Program Committee within the Technical Track-track
ASE 2019Author of Multi-Modal Attention Network Learning for Semantic Source Code Retrieval within the Research Papers-track
ISSTA 2019PC Member in Program Committee within the Tool Demonstration-track
ICSE 2020Author of Typestate-Guided Fuzzer for Discovering Use-after-Free Vulnerabilities within the Technical Papers-track
ICSE 2019Author of VFix: Value-Flow-Guided Precise Program Repair for Null Pointer Dereferences within the Technical Track-track
ICPC 2018Author of CoBOT: Static C/C++ Bug Detection in the Presence of Incomplete Code within the Tool Demonstration-track
Author of CoBOT: Static C/C++ Bug Detection in the Presence of Incomplete Code within the Technical Research-track
ISSTA 2017Author of Boosting the Precision of Virtual Call Integrity Protection with Partial Pointer Analysis for C++ within the Technical Papers-track
LCTES 2016Author of Loop-Oriented Array- and Field-Sensitive Pointer Analysis for Automatic SIMD Vectorization within the LCTES-track
ISSTA 2018Committee Member in Artifact Evaluation Committee within the ISSTA Artifacts-track
PMAM 2016Author of Accelerating Dynamic Data Race Detection Using Static Thread Interference Analysis within the PMAM 2016-track
Session Chair of Session 3 (Performance Optimization) (part of PMAM 2016)
* ICSE 2018 *Author of Poster W39: Live Path Control Flow Integrity within the Posters -track
Author of Spatio-Temporal Context Reduction: A Pointer-Analysis-Based Static Approach for Detecting Use-After-Free Vulnerabilities within the Technical Papers -track
Author of Launch-Mode-Aware Context-Sensitive Activity Transition Analysis for Android Apps within the Technical Papers -track