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ICGSE 2018
Sun 27 - Tue 29 May 2018 Gothenburg, Sweden
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Accepted Papers

A Preliminary Structure of Software Security Assurance Model” by Rafiq Ahmad Khan
Doctoral Symposium

Call for Doctoral Symposium Contributions

Doctoral Symposium Registration

Participation to ICGSE Doctoral Symposium on Sunday May 27 is free for all who have registered to ICGSE 2018, you just need to register to DS by sending email the Doctoral Symposium Chairs: ICGSE_DSChairs@itu.dk

Goal and Scope

The goal of the ICGSE Doctoral Symposium is to create a forum for PhD students working on foundations, techniques, methods, and tools in the area of Global Software Engineering (GSE). It will provide participants with an opportunity to present and discuss their research with senior researchers of the GSE community in a constructive and friendly atmosphere. Experts in GSE will provide students with feedback on their research, allowing students to ask questions about how they can overcome obstacles or enhance their current research proposals.

The scope of research topics of the Doctoral Symposium is the same as for the main conference (see ICGSE 2018 Main Page).

Therefore, we invite research proposals relating to issues or solutions in GSE (where GSE covers any software development undertaken by multi-site teams possibly with cultural and language distances and dispersion over time and space). Global distance issues can also span most stages of the software lifecycle, and we are therefore looking for proposals for new techniques, tools, and practices that might come from many disciplines such as Software Engineering, Computer Science, Management, Sociology, and Business Project Management. Submissions may discuss any aspects of GSE.

Students who submit a proposal to the Doctoral Symposium should have decided on a research topic, and have a proposal for a suitable research study. Preferably, students should have more than one year left of their research program to complete in order to be able to incorporate the feedback obtained during the symposium into their dissertation.


Research proposals submitted to the Doctoral Symposium should be a maximum of 4 pages, including references and figures, and should be formatted using the same submission template stipulated for the main conference papers. Research proposals will be subjected to a single-blind review.

Each submission must include:

  • Title
  • Researcher’s name (as single author) and affiliation
  • Supervisor(s) name(s) included in acknowledgements
  • Abstract
  • List of keywords
  • A complete list of references

Submissions should at least discuss the following elements:

  • The background of the research
  • The motivation for the research
  • The research question(s) addressed in the study
  • A description of the proposed research method

The proposal should be presented in a structured manner at least comprising: background/context, motivation, problem, gaps, (initial) research questions, and proposed method, and optionally initial results, conclusions and future work. The abstract should not exceed 150 words. Students in the later stages of their research are encouraged to include an overview of their completed research activities. Along with your submission, please attach an informal letter from your supervisor stating his/her support of the submission.

How to Submit your Abstract / Proposal Proposals should be submitted through the conference submission site (link in the sidebar). You do not need to upload a full paper as part of your initial submission but you are encouraged to write an extensive abstract sharing highlights of your experience and what you intend to focus on in your paper.

Final Paper

ICGSE 2018 Doctoral Symposium papers will be published in the ICGSE proceedings. The publication requires 1) the author to register to the ICGSE 2018 main conference and 2) to present a poster on the Doctoral Symposium submission at the ICGSE 2018 main conference. The papers should be formatted according to ACM formatting guidelines, see ICSE2018 formatting instructions: https://www.icse2018.org/track/icse-2018-Double-blind-review#Formatting. If you don’t want the participate in the main ICGSE 2018 conference and present your poster there, your paper won’t be published, but you can still attend the doctoral symposium and present your work there. Even though the format is ACM, the proceedings will be produced by IEEE and the papers will appear in the digital libraries of both ACM and IEEE.

Doctoral Symposium Chairs

  • Paolo Tell, IT University Copenhagen, Denmark
  • John Noll, University of East London, UK

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Doctoral Symposium Chairs, email: ICGSE_DSChairs@itu.dk