ASE 2023
Mon 11 - Fri 15 September 2023 Kirchberg, Luxembourg

Congratulations on the acceptance of your paper at ASE 2023!

Please read this page carefully. It contains important information regarding how to register for the conference, and submit the final version of your paper.

Know your unique paper identifier!

Each paper has a unique identifier. Your unique paper identifier is “ase23-CATEGORY-NNN”, and you should use this identifier when uploading the final version (if applicable) and also when registering. Replace NNN with the original paper number in the submission systems (no leading zeros). The CATEGORY for your track/event is in the following table. Example: For submission 97 in the tool demonstration track, the paper identifier is ase23-demo-97.

Track Category Format
Main track main ase23-main-NNN
Tool demonstrations demo ase23-demo-NNN
Industry Challenge track industry-challenge ase23-industry-challenge-NNN
Industry showcase industry-showcase ase23-industry-showcase-NNN
Doctoral Forum docforum ase23-docforum-NNN
Journal first paper (*) journal ase23-journal-NNN
NIER Papers nier ase23-nier-NNN
Tutorial (*) tutorial ase23-tutorial-NNN
Workshop papers - ASYDE workshop ase23-ASYDE-NNN
Workshop papers - HCSE-CS workshop ase23-HCSE-CS-NNN
Workshop papers - AMobile workshop ase23-amobile-NNN
Workshop papers - A-TEST workshop ase23-A-TEST-NNN

(*) Journal First and Tutorial papers are not included in the ASE proceedings. You will still need the unique paper identifier for the registration.

Respect the page limit!

Each paper has a maximum length. Do NOT exceed the page limit.

  • Technical Research Papers: must not exceed 11 pages (including figures) plus up to 2 pages that contain ONLY references.
  • Demonstration Papers: must not exceed 4 pages in total.
  • Industry Challenge Papers: must not exceed 11 pages plus up to 2 page that contain ONLY references
  • Industry Showcase Papers: (1) Short papers: must not exceed 6 pages in total, and (2) Extended Abstracts: must not exceed 3 pages in total.
  • Doctoral Forum Papers: must not exceed 4 pages (including all text, appendices, acknowledgements, tables and figures) + 1 page that contains ONLY references.
  • Journal first Papers: not applicable, not included in the ASE proceedings.
  • NIER Papers: (1) Conventional papers: must not exceed 4 pages plus up to 2 page that contains ONLY references, and (2) Late-breaking: must not exceed 2 pages plus up to 2 pages that contain ONLY references.
  • Workshop papers: refer to each workshop
*(in total=including reference)

Register for the conference

One of the paper authors must register for the event no later than 17 August 2023. If you do not register on time, your paper may be removed from the event program. One registration can cover multiple papers that you have co-authored.

Submit the final version of your paper

The link to the ASE 2023 Online Author Submission Site is after the following important instructions. Please read the instructions carefully.

  • Camera-ready papers need to be uploaded to IEEE CPS by 18 August 2023.
  • Please note that although your paper needs to be uploaded to IEEE CPS, the required format is IEEE Conference Proceedings Formatting Guidelines
  • Authors will receive an IEEE copyright link directly from the publisher. Once authors have submitted the copyright release form they will be able to download the copyright information for their papers (which is needed for the camera ready copy)
  • Please consider the reviews carefully when preparing the camera-ready version of your paper.
  • Note that changes to the set of authors are not allowed (additions, deletions of authors). The order of authors can be changed and typos in the author names can be corrected with permission from the PC chairs.
  • Changes to the title are only allowed with a prior permission from the PC chairs, including in cases where the title change was suggested by the PC.
  • Strictly follow the ASE 2023 formatting guidelines and camera ready instructions. Failure to do so may lead to your paper being rejected.
  • Each paper has a maximum length. Do NOT exceed the page limit (see the list above).

The submission process consists of three important steps. You will need the unique paper identifier.

  1. Copyright release: ASE 2023 and its associated publications are under IEEE copyright. No text needs to be added to your final paper submission, including copyright or page numbers.
  2. File conversion/validation: You can use PDF eXpress for online file conversion and PDF Validation. Please note that PDF eXpress is NOT the submission site: After reviewing your paper and checking for accuracy, you must follow the next step and complete the submission instructions found at the link below.
  3. Paper submission: Please note that the unique paper identifier MUST be included in the paper submission step of the Author Submission Site.

The conference ID for non-workshops papers is 56229X. The conference ID for workshops papers is 60602X.

Your successful paper transmission will be notified with confirmation e-mail to the submitter.

Author Submission Site (Author Kit):

The ASE Conference submission site can be accessed here.

The Workshop paper submission site can be accessed here.

You will need to create an account before you access the submission site.

If you have any technical questions please contact the proceedings production editor Javier Gurrola. As specified in the acceptance letter, one of the paper’s authors must register by the camera-ready deadline using the unique paper identifier.

We look forward to seeing the final version of your paper, and your presentation at ASE 2023! Congratulations again!