ASE 2023
Mon 11 - Fri 15 September 2023 Kirchberg, Luxembourg

Fault Localization: Research Opportunities and Challenges

Dan Hao

Biography: Dan Hao is a Professor in the School of Computer Science at Peking University. Her main research interest on software testing and debugging has won several awards for its impact in academia and industry. Dan Hao is an ACM Distinguished Member. She has been Program Committee Co-Chair of a number of conferences, e.g., ASE 2021, SANER 2022, and ICST 2023. She serves at the editorial boards of several international journals (IEEE-TSE, ACM-TOSEM, CSUR, EMSE, and ASEJ) and the program committees of numerous international software engineering conferences.

Automating Software Evolution in the Linux Kernel

Julia Lawall

Biography: Julia Lawall received the PhD degree in 1994 from Indiana University. She has been a Senior research scientist at INRIA since 2011. Previously, she was a Lektor (Associate Professor) at the University of Copenhagen. Her research interests include the use of programming language and software engineering technology to improve the development and evolution of systems code. She leads the development of the Coccinelle program matching and transformation system and contributes regularly to the Linux kernel based on the tools developed in her research. She is on the editorial board of the journal Science of Computer Programming, and has been a program chair of USENIX ATC, ASE, PEPM, GPCE, and ICFP.

DIDACT: Large sequence models for software development activities

Danny Tarlow

Biography: Danny is a Staff Research Scientist at Google Brain, Adjunct Professor in Computer Science at McGill University, and a Core Industrial Member of the Mila Quebec AI Institute. His research interests are in the application of machine learning to problems involving structured data, with a specific interest in the intersection of machine learning, programming languages, and software engineering. His work has won paper awards at NeurIPS, UAI, and ICML & NeurIPS Workshops. He holds a Ph.D. from the Machine Learning group at the University of Toronto and was previously a Research Fellow at Darwin College, University of Cambridge and a Researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge (UK).