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ECOOP and ISSTA 2021
Sun 11 - Sat 17 July 2021 Online

To make it easy for our international community to attend the event from anywhere across the globe, ECOOP, ISSTA and the Summer School will use a 3-time-band format, with each presentation being given twice (in the two time bands that are most convenient for the speaker) so that all attendees are able to attend most talks at reasonable times. REBASE, SPIN, the Doctoral Symposium, and the workshops run in a single time band without duplication.

The main entry point for all events is this website, which will include all the necessary links to participate in the conference for registered attendees.

First, make sure you are signed in. We recommend that you customize your personal program via the Program webpage. By clicking on the “” at an event, you add the event to your personal program. To make sure you do not miss any events, we advise that you view the full program, not the individual programs for each conference.

We will use Zoom for the talks and Discord for additional discussions among participants. Access to Zoom and Discord is for registered attendees only.

When you click on an event in the program, you will see ‘Information for Participants’, with links to Zoom and Discord (if applicable for that event). Note that this information is only visible if you have registered and you are signed in.

The ECOOP and ISSTA regular talks are pre-recorded, 13-15 minutes each, followed by 5-7 minutes live Q&A. To ask questions, please use the Zoom webinar Q&A function (not the Zoom chat). You can also vote for existing questions. The session chair will coordinate the discussion.

In addition to attending the talks and live Q&A’s via Zoom, participants are encouraged to ask questions, both before and after each talk, via Discord.

The Discord server has a text channel for each talk, plus channels for general announcements and discussions, and video channels that can be used freely for ad hoc meetings. Discord can be used either as a stand-alone app (download here) or from your browser. If you haven’t used Discord before, you first need to register. After that, you can use the invite link (shown together with the Discord channel links for the events in the conference program) to get access to our “Virtual Aarhus” Discord server.

We kindly ask you to use your real name in Zoom (in your Zoom profile settings) and in Discord (via Discord’s User Settings). For both Zoom and Discord, you will need to have an account and be signed in to use them. Make sure your Zoom client is up-to-date.

At the Discussions with Experts sessions, you can join informal discussions on a range of research topics related to ECOOP and ISSTA. These discussion sessions are using normal Zoom meetings, so all participants will be able to unmute themselves and share video. We are hoping for lively discussions!

You are also very welcome to attend the sponsor sessions where some of our financial supporters present interesting news and opportunities for all participants.

Also don’t miss the poster sessions and the ISSTA Tool Demos.

In case of technical problems or questions, please use the #helpdesk channel in Discord.