ICT4S 2023
Mon 5 - Sat 10 June 2023 RENNES, France
Registration is now closed. A limited number of registrations will be available on site.

IMPORTANT : This registration page is dedicated to everyone willing to attend all or part of the research program of ICT4S’23 (workshops, doctoral symposium, demonstrations, posters, main conference), and the associated social events (conference reception and conference gala). If you want to only attend one or more of the events from the OFF! Program (keynotes, debate, panel, quiz, art performance, hackathon), a free registration will be soon opened on a dedicated page of this website!

1. ICT4S 2023 Event Format

ICT4S’23 is an in-person event for all participants and presenters. Vouchers for online participation will be given only for exceptional situations, i.e., for someone facing circumstances outside their control in between the commitment to attend the conference and the conference itself that prevent the person to travel to and attend the conference. If you are in such a situation, please contact the organizers and clearly explain your special situation. Please be aware that there are a limited number of virtual participation vouchers available.

2. Registration

2-1. Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of registration on or before May 20th, 2023, entitles the registrant to a refund, minus the processing fees (50€). No refunds will be given after May 20th, 2023. All requests for cancellations must be submitted to Antoine L’Azou.

2-2. Student Registration

Student registration fees apply to participants at ICT4S’23 that are bachelor, master, or PhD students. Proof of student status (e.g., student card) is required at the registration desk.

3. Registration Fees

Early Registration ends April 30th, 2023 (AoE). All rates listed are in Euro and are inclusive of all taxes. The registration fees come with the following rules:

  • Each research paper and journal-first paper needs to have at least a full non-student registration
  • Each demo and poster needs to have at least a paying full registration (possibly student, but not a free one)
  • Each workshop paper needs to have at least a one day registration
  • Each doctoral symposium paper needs to have a registration (one day or full, paying or not)
  • One full registration may cover one additional workshop paper or one additional doctoral symposium paper of the same author
Regular Student Regular Late Student Late
until 30.04.23 until 30.04.23 after 30.04.23 after 30.04.23
Full registration 650 € 450 € 850 € 650 €
One day registration 150 € 150 € 200 € 200 €
Additional reception ticket 70 € 70 € 70 € 70 €
Additional gala ticket 100 € 100 € 100 € 100 €

The full registration fees includes:

  • access to all the sessions (incl. events of both the research program and the OFF! Program)
  • all breaks (morning/afternoon) from Monday to Friday
  • all lunches from Monday to Friday
  • the dinners on Tuesday (conference reception), Wednesday (food truck before the art performance), and Thursday (conference gala)
  • free drinks during the debate in the pub on Monday
  • free access to the public buses and metro of Rennes metropolis

The one-day registration includes (for the day registered):

  • access to all the sessions (incl. events of both the research program and the the OFF! Program)
  • breaks in the morning and the afternoon
  • lunch

Note :

  • A one-day registration for Tuesday or Thursday does not include the reception or gala ticket, respectively, which may be purchased separately during the registration.
  • A one-day registration for Monday or Wednesday does not include drink tickets at the debate in the pub on Monday or tickets for the food trucks on Wednesday. There will be the opportunity to directly pay at the events (at the pub on Monday or at the food trucks on Wednesday).

Virtual registration

For exceptional circumstances only (see above), virtual registration is carried out separately from the main registration form. Please contact directly Benoit Combemale before April 30th, 2023.

Full (online) registration    280 €

4. Questions

For information on the registration process, payments, and invoicing, please contact Antoine L’Azou. For any other organizational assistance and questions, please contact Benoit Combemale.