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ASE 2020
Mon 21 - Fri 25 September 2020 Melbourne, Australia
Wed 23 Sep 2020 01:30 - 01:50 at Wombat - Testing of Emerging Applications Chair(s): Yuan Tian

In recent years the use of non-traditional computing mechanisms has grown rapidly. One paradigm uses chemical reaction networks (CRNs) to compute via chemical interactions. CRNs are used to prototype molecular devices at the nanoscale such as intelligent drug therapeutics. In practice, these programs are first written and simulated in environments such has MatLab and later compiled into physical molecules such as DNA strands. However, techniques for testing the correctness of CRNs are lacking. Current methods of validating CRNs include model checking and theorem proving, but these are limited in scalability. In this paper we present an automated testing framework, ChemTest. In contrast to model checking, ChemTest evaluates test oracles on individual simulation traces and supports functional, metamorphic, internal and hyper test cases. It also allows for flakiness and programs that are probabilistic. We performed a large case study demonstrating that ChemTest can find seeded faults and scales beyond model checking. Of our tests, 21% are inherently flaky, suggesting that systematic support for this paradigm is needed. On average functional tests find 66.5% of the faults, while metamorphic tests find 80.4%, showing the benefit of using metamorphic relationships in our test framework. In addition, we show how time of evaluation impacts fault detection.

Wed 23 Sep

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01:10 - 02:10
Testing of Emerging ApplicationsResearch Papers / Tool Demonstrations at Wombat
Chair(s): Yuan Tian Queens University, Kingston, Canada
CoFI: Consistency-Guided Fault Injection for Cloud Systems
Research Papers
Haicheng Chen The Ohio State University, USA, Wensheng Dou Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dong Wang Institute of software, Chinese academy of sciences, Feng Qin Ohio State University, USA
ChemTest: An Automated Software Testing Framework for an Emerging ParadigmACM Distinguished Paper
Research Papers
Michael C. Gerten Iowa State University, James I. Lathrop Iowa State University, Myra Cohen Iowa State University, Titus H. Klinge Drake University
ImpAPTr: A Tool For Identifying The Clues To Online Service Anomalies
Tool Demonstrations
hao wang , Guoping Rong Nanjing University, Yangchen Xu Nanjing University, Yong You Meituan-Dianping Group