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ASE 2021
Sun 14 - Sat 20 November 2021 Australia
Wed 17 Nov 2021 12:30 - 12:40 at Koala - Testing Applications Chair(s): Scott Barnett

Discovering the underlying structure of HMI software efficiently and sufficiently for the purpose of testing without any prior knowledge on the software logic remains a difficult problem. The key challenge lies in the complexity of the HMI software and the high variance in the coverage of current methods. In this paper, we introduce the PathFinder, an effective and automatic HMI software exploration framework. PathFinder adopts a curiosity-based reinforcement learning framework to choose actions that lead to the discovery of more unknown states. Additionally, PathFinder progressively builds a navigation model during the exploration to further improve state coverage. We have conducted experiments on both simulations and real-world HMI software testing environment, which comprise a full tool chain of automobile dashboard instrument cluster. The exploration coverage outperforms manual and fuzzing methods which are the current industrial standards.

Wed 17 Nov

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12:00 - 13:00
Testing ApplicationsIndustry Showcase / NIER track / Research Papers at Koala
Chair(s): Scott Barnett
Automated Testing for Machine Translation via Constituency Invariance
Research Papers
Pin Ji Nanjing University, Yang Feng Nanjing University, Jia Liu Nanjing University, Zhihong Zhao Nanjing Tech Unniversity, Baowen Xu Nanjing University
Systematic Testing of Autonomous Driving Systems Using Map Topology-Based Scenario Classification
NIER track
Yun Tang Nanyang Technological University, Yuan Zhou Nanyang Technological University, Tianwei Zhang Nanyang Technological University, Fenghua Wu Nanyang Technological University, Yang Liu Nanyang Technological University, Gang Wang Alibaba Group
Automatic HMI Structure Exploration Via Curiosity-Based Reinforcement Learning
Industry Showcase
Yushi Cao Nanyang Technological University, YAN ZHENG Nanyang Technological University, Shang-Wei Lin Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Yang Liu Nanyang Technological University, Yon Shin Teo Continental Automotive Singapore Pte. Ltd., Yuxuan Toh Continental Automotive Singapore Pte. Ltd., Vinay Vishnumurthy Adiga Continental Automotive Singapore Pte. Ltd.