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ASE 2021
Sun 14 - Sat 20 November 2021 Australia
Thu 18 Nov 2021 19:40 - 19:50 at Kangaroo - Developers Chair(s): Chetan Arora

The popularity of cloud technologies has led to the development of a new type of applications that specifically target cloud environments. Such applications require a lot of cloud infrastructure to run, which brought about the Infrastructure as Code approach, where the infrastructure is also coded using a separate language in parallel to the main application. In this paper, we propose a new concept of Infrastructure in Code, where the infrastructure is deduced from the application code itself, without the need for separate specifications. We describe this concept, discuss existing solutions that can be classified as Infrastructure in Code and their limitations, and then present our own framework called Kotless — an extendable cloud-agnostic serverless framework for Kotlin that supports two cloud providers, three DSLs, and two runtimes. Finally, we showcase the usefulness of Kotless by demonstrating its efficiency in developing serverless applications on different platforms.

Thu 18 Nov

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19:00 - 20:00
DevelopersResearch Papers / Industry Showcase / NIER track at Kangaroo
Chair(s): Chetan Arora Deakin University
Automating Developer Chat Mining
Research Papers
Shengyi Pan Zhejiang University, Lingfeng Bao Zhejiang University, Xiaoxue Ren Zhejiang University, Xin Xia Huawei Software Engineering Application Technology Lab, David Lo Singapore Management University, Shanping Li Zhejiang University
Thinking Like a Developer? Comparing the Attention of Humans with Neural Models of Code
Research Papers
Matteo Paltenghi University of Stuttgart, Michael Pradel University of Stuttgart
Pre-print Media Attached
Infrastructure in Code: Towards developer-friendly cloud applications
Industry Showcase
Vladislav Tankov Higher School of Economics, JetBrains, JetBrains Research, Dmitriy Valchuk JetBrains, ITMO University, Yaroslav Golubev JetBrains Research, Timofey Bryksin JetBrains Research; HSE University
Towards Fluid Software Architectures: Bidirectional Human-AI Interaction
NIER track
Ammar Yasser German University in Cairo, Mervat Abu-Elkheir German University in Cairo