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ASE 2021
Sun 14 - Sat 20 November 2021 Australia
Tue 16 Nov 2021 22:00 - 22:20 at Koala - Applications Chair(s): ingo Mueller

Autonomous Driving Systems (ADSs) are complex systems that must satisfy multiple requirements such as safety, compliance to traffic rules, and comfortableness. However, satisfying all these requirements may not always be possible due to emerging environmental conditions. Therefore, the ADSs may have to make trade-offs among multiple requirements during the ongoing operation, resulting in one or more requirements violations. For ADS engineers, it is highly important to know which combinations of requirements violations may occur, as different combinations can expose different types of failures. However, there is currently no testing approach that can generate scenarios to expose different combinations of requirements violations. To address this issue, in this paper, we introduce the notion of requirements violation pattern to characterize a specific combination of requirements violations. Based on this notion, we propose a testing approach named EMOOD that can effectively generate test scenarios to expose as many requirements violation patterns as possible. EMOOD uses a prioritization technique to sort all possible patterns to search for, from the most to the least critical ones. Then, EMOOD iteratively includes an evolutionary many-objective optimization algorithm to find different combinations of requirements violations. In each iteration, the targeted pattern is determined by a dynamic prioritization technique to give preferences to those patterns with higher criticality and higher likelihood to occur. We apply EMOOD to an industrial ADS under two common traffic situations. Evaluation results show that EMOOD outperforms three baseline approaches in generating test scenarios by discovering more requirements violation patterns.

Tue 16 Nov

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22:00 - 23:00
ApplicationsResearch Papers / Industry Showcase / NIER track at Koala
Chair(s): ingo Mueller Monash University
Targeting Requirements Violations of Autonomous Driving Systems by Dynamic Evolutionary Search
Research Papers
Yixing Luo Peking University, Xiaoyi Zhang National Institute of Informatics, Japan, Paolo Arcaini National Institute of Informatics , Zhi Jin Peking University, Haiyan Zhao Peking University, Fuyuki Ishikawa National Institute of Informatics, Rongxin Wu Xiamen University, Tao Xie Peking University
Evaluating Semantic Autocompletion of Business Processes with Domain Experts
Industry Showcase
Maayan Goldstein Nokia Bell Labs, Israel, Cecilia Gonzalez-Alvarez Nokia Bell Labs
Learning-based Assistant for Migrating Data of Enterprise Information Systems
Industry Showcase
Sayandeep Mitra Tata Consultancy Services, Debayan Mukherjee Tata Consultancy Services, Atreya Bandyopadhyay Tata Consultancy Services, Rajdip Chowdhury Tata Consultancy Services, Raveendra Kumar Medicherla Tata Consultancy Services, Indrajit Bhattacharya Tata Consultancy Services, Ravindra Naik TCS Research, TRDDC, India
Shake Those System Parameters! On the Need for Parameter Coverage for Decision Systems
NIER track
Thomas Laurent Lero & University College Dublin, Paolo Arcaini National Institute of Informatics , Fuyuki Ishikawa National Institute of Informatics, Anthony Ventresque University College Dublin