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ECOOP and ISSTA 2021
Sun 11 - Sat 17 July 2021 Online
Sun 11 Jul 2021 13:00 - 15:00 at Rebase - Session 2 Chair(s): Alexandre Bergel, Oscar Nierstrasz

The experience of handling computation is highly fragmented today. For example, consider how APIs expose interfaces to computation, but exploring their details is either cumbersome or handled through dedicated tools. At the same time, development environments offer integrated interactions for code, but developers have a hard time understanding software systems. Notebooks provide executable and explanatory narratives, but they are isolated and not debuggable. Knowledge management platforms provide linked narratives, but they are not executable.

These spaces appear to be distinct, an appearance reinforced by the distinct tools we experience them through. We argue that they are not distinct. That they are one and the same. That they are merely different facets of capturing and representing knowledge. And we argue that they can be served through an experience that is both unified and contextual. A moldable experience.

In this talk, we exemplify this message through live demos of Glamorous Toolkit and we show how rethinking the experience has the potential of transforming the act of constructing and relating to knowledge in all its different forms.

Sun 11 Jul

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13:00 - 15:00
Session 2REBASE at Rebase
Chair(s): Alexandre Bergel University of Chile, Oscar Nierstrasz University of Bern, Switzerland
Molding Knowledge
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