SAS 2022
Mon 5 - Wed 7 December 2022 Auckland, New Zealand
co-located with SPLASH 2022
Mon 5 Dec 2022 14:30 - 15:00 at AMRF Auditorium - Numerical Static Analyses Chair(s): Isabella Mastroeni

We present RAND, a relational abstract domain that expresses relations between values of non-recursive algebraic data types (ADTs), and numeric relations between their scalar parts. RAND is parameterised on a user-provided numeric relational domain, that we lift to pairs of variables and projection paths. It is constructed as a disjunctive completion of a reduced product of domains for numeric relations, for equalities, and for cases of constructor variants. Using RAND, we define a modular, inter-procedural, relational analysis for a while language with ADTs and function calls. The analysis computes function summaries, that describe relations between the inputs of programs and their outputs.

Slides for the "Lifting Numeric Relational Domains to Algebraic Data Types" SAS 2022 talk (bautista_SAS2022_slides_lifting_abstract_domains_to_algebraic_types.pdf)371KiB

Mon 5 Dec

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13:30 - 15:00
Numerical Static AnalysesSAS at AMRF Auditorium
Chair(s): Isabella Mastroeni University of Verona, Italy
CLEVEREST: Accelerating CEGAR-based Neural Network Verification via Adversarial AttacksVirtual
Zhe Zhao ShanghaiTech University, Yedi Zhang ShanghaiTech University, Guangke Chen ShanghaiTech University, Fu Song ShanghaiTech University, Taolue Chen Birkbeck University of London, Jiaxiang Liu Shenzhen University
Boosting Robustness Verification of Semantic Feature Neighborhoods
Anan Kabaha Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Dana Drachsler Cohen Technion
Lifting Numeric Relational Domains to Algebraic Data Types
Santiago Bautista Univ Rennes, Inria, CNRS, IRISA, Thomas P. Jensen INRIA Rennes, Benoît Montagu Inria
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