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Numerous approaches to pixel rewriting systems (PRSs) have been investigated since Furnas’ Bitpict. VRule is a new pixel rewriting framework designed to support further investigation of new formalisms for end-user modeling with PRSs, and is implemented as a Pattern Directed Inference System (PDIS) with specialized classes of antecedent and consequent Pattern Directed Modules (PDM) components. This overview briefly examines VRule’s key elements resulting from exploration of the architectural aspects of rule-based engines to include matching, rule resolution, and execution in a spatial environment, as well as numerous new PDM formalisms. Examples representing classes of modeling domains have been developed to include Turing machines, 1D/2D/3D cellular automata, a game of Fox and Hounds, Langton’s Ant (turmites), a climatological gas model originally written in C#, and a virological infection model originally written in Python.