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Most Influential Paper

Explanatory Debugging: Supporting End-User Debugging of Machine-Learned Programs. Todd Kulesza, Simone Stumpf, Margaret Burnett, Weng-Keen Wong, Yann Riche, Travis Moore, Ian Oberst, Amber Shinsel, Kevin McIntosh. VL/HCC 2010.

Best Research Paper

Edit-Run Behavior in Programming and Debugging. Abdulaziz Alaboudi and Thomas LaToza

Best Short Paper

Guided Optimization for Image Processing Pipelines. Yuka Ikarashi, Jonathan Ragan-Kelley, Tsukasa Fukusato, Jun Kato, and Takeo Igarashi.

Best Showpiece

Using Mobile Devices and Visual Programming to Introduce IoT in the Classroom. Devin Jean and Akos Ledeczi

Honorable Mention Research Paper

Exploring Machine Teaching with Children. Utkarsh Dwivedi, Jaina Gandhi, Raj Parikh, Merijke Coenraad, Elizabeth Bonsignore, and Hernisa Kacorri

Honorable Mention Short Paper

Streamers Teaching Programming, Art, and Gaming: Cognitive Apprenticeship, Serendipitous Teachable Moments, and Tacit Expert Knowledge. Ian Drosos and Philip Guo