EASE 2024
Tue 18 - Fri 21 June 2024 Salerno, Italy

Aim of the workshop

In the past two decades, the complexity of modern IT systems has surged due to technologies like AI, cloud computing, and microservices. Ensuring security in these systems is challenging. Software security is critical for practitioners to prevent incidents such as data breaches. As complex systems evolve, robust methods to test their security become imperative. Many testing techniques exist, including model-based and code-based security testing, penetration testing, and security regression testing. Despite these methods, some vulnerabilities are still inadequately tested. Current solutions mainly focus on traditional systems, leaving unconventional architectures like Virtual Reality or IoT systems largely unaddressed. Further research is essential to develop standardized techniques for both traditional and complex domains.
SECUTE is a workshop focusing on empirical methods for testing the security of complex software systems to understand the support they provide to practitioners in dealing with security, particularly in unconventional domains. SECUTE aims to foster a community for sharing ideas and initiating collaborations among researchers in this field.

Please see the details via this link: https://secute-ws.github.io

Call for Papers

More details are available at: https://secute-ws.github.io/call_for_papers.html