MSR 2023
Dates to be announced Melbourne, Australia
co-located with ICSE 2023

MSR Awards

  • The MSR 2023 Foundational Contribution Award will go to Audris Mockus, who is being recognised for his sustained contributions to mining software repositories, starting with his early case studies of Apache and Mozilla to his introduction of the World of Code infrastructure.

  • The MSR 2023 Ric Holt Early Career Achievement Award will go to Li Li, who is being recognised for his contributions to the state-of-the-art in research and practice of software quality and evolution, especially concerning the evolution of Android apps and the Android OS.

  • The MSR 2023 Doctoral Research Award will go to Eman Abdullah AlOmar, who is being recognised for her contribution to understanding developer perception of refactoring: literature reviews, mining, tool, and empirical, surveys that are being adopted by the community, industrial trials.

MIP Awards

  • Most Influential Paper: “Mining source code repositories at massive scale using language modeling” by Miltiadis Allamanis and Charles Sutton. This work has been awarded for pioneering the use of large scale language models on source code, something that has become extremely relevant and timely after 10 years.

  • Most Influential Paper: “The impact of tangled code changes” by Kim Herzig and Andreas Zeller.” This work has been awarded for emphasizing how the scope of a commit as a cohesive and self-contained piece of work has been an assumption for several pieces of research done by the MSR community, and for providing an approach to split a tangled commit into cohesive ones.

ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Awards

  • ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Awards will go to the following papers and authors
    • Chao Wang, Zhenpeng Chen, Minghui Zhou, AutoML from Software Engineering Perspective: Landscapes and Challenges
    • Hamid Mohayeji Nasrabadi, Andrei Agaronian, Eleni Constantinou, Nicola Zanone, Alexander Serebrenik, Investigating the Resolution of Vulnerable Dependencies with Dependabot Security Updates
    • Feifei Niu, Christoph Mayr-Dorn, Wesley Assunção, Liguo Huang, Jidong Ge, Bin Luo, Alexander Egyed, The ABLoTS Approach for Bug Localization: is it replicable and generalizable?

Distinguished Reviewers

Regular PCs

  • Bianca Trinkenreich
  • Csaba Nagy
  • Dong Wang
  • Fabio Palomba
  • Maxime Lamothe
  • Melina Vidoni
  • Pooja Rani
  • Romain Robbes
  • Serena Elisa Ponta
  • Thomas Durieux
  • Vincent Hellendoorn
  • Yuan Tian
  • Zsuzsanna Onet-Marian

Junior PCs

  • Carolin Brandt
  • Daniel Feitosa
  • Kevin Jesse
  • Lina Ochoa
  • Luís Cruz
  • Max Hort
  • Victoria Jackson

FOSS Impact Paper Award

  • Anna-Katharina Wickert, Clemens Damke, Lars Baumgärtner, Eyke Hüllermeier, Mira Mezini, UNGOML: Automated Classification of unsafe Usages in Go