Hannover has several things to see, including the zoo and the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen

Hannover Adventure Zoo

On animal safari around the world with exotic landscapes, there are over 2000 animals and amazing shows at Hannover Adventure Zoo. Germany’s most spectacular zoo attracts about 1.5 million visitors a year. It is the only place north of the Sahara that makes you believe you are in Africa: with hippopotamuses, zebras and rhinoceroses almost close enough to touch; a Zambezi-style boat trip; and a lookout point that brings you face to face with elegant giraffes. The Indian Jungle Palace is home to one of the largest herds of elephants in Europe: Meet them in the Palace Pool and at showtime. You can find a virtual tour of the zoo here.

The Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen

Herrenhausen Gardens are Hannover’s most famous attraction and have been a striking example of grand horticultural style for more than 300 years. The centrepiece, the “Great Garden”, is the most important baroque garden in Europe and is a magnet for tourists from all over the world. The Baroque garden in Herrenhausen was created by Electress Sophie (1630-1714) and is one of the few baroque parks which has retained its basic structure until today. Music, dance and theatre at Herrenhausen – this tradition thrives today with drama in the hedge theatre, concerts, festivals, world-class cabaret performing arts and international fireworks competitions to animate the Great Garden in Herrenhausen all year round. For a first impression of the royal gardens click here for the virtual tour.

The Red Thread

Hannover has something unique to offer: The 4.2 km long ”Red Thread” is painted on the pavement and passes through the city centre along the 36 most important places of interest of the city. The barrier-free Red Thread has been showing tourists around Hannover since 1970. If you want to stroll virtually along the Red Thread click here.


Spectacular projects, precious collections and pioneering exhibits all confirm Hannover Region’s reputation as a centre of art. There are excellent museums in Hannover devoted to archaeology, natural history and ethnology, including vivid portrayals of technical history and everyday life in centuries gone by.

In and around Hannover

Hannover is one of the greenest cities in Europe and you can find proof for this in numerous places in and around Hannover. There are several huge parks and recreational areas such as the Eilenriede, one of the largest urban forests in Europe. The Julius-Trip-Ring is a famous bike tour of 24 km, which will lead you all around the city, giving you the chance to find out how green and diverse Hannover is. There are several bike sharing opportunities where you can find yourself a suitable ride for an evening getaway.

Hannover Living

Hannover is famous for its diverse street culture. Especially in summer, there is a lot of life in the streets. Each district of the city feels like a town for itself and whether you are looking for nice restaurants, individual shopping opportunities or cafés and bars, be sure that Hannover has all of it on offer. There are many well-known options to choose from in each part of the city.

Discover the districts of Hannover

Visiting the Sprengel Museum in the South part of the town, strolling along the Lister Meile to explore the local shopping opportunities or enjoying a coffee in colourful Linden, Hannovers districts invite you to find your own way to enjoy the city and make you feel welcome wherever you are going.

Sustainable and Regional Guide

In Hannover, you can find many small regional businesses, shops and projects, that try to make the city a more sustainable place to live in. Download the ”Smart & Sustainable“ guide for tips on the best shops, restaurants, bars and nightlife, that make Hannover a unique place to visit. You can download the free guide here.

Daytrips and Getaways

If you want to discover the surrounding areas of Hannover, you will find diverse and beautiful nature. From green grasslands to the beautiful lake area of the Steinhuder Meer, there is a lot to see.

If you are interested in discovering the surrounding cities of Hannover, take a trip to Celle, Hameln, Hildesheim, or Goslar and stroll along the half-timbered houses and their charming old towns. Visit the site of the world-famous medieval legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. You will also find lots of historic places: The old cathedrals of Hildesheim, the Old Town of Goslar and the historic Rammelsberg mine nearby are listed on UNESCO World Heritage List.