APSEC 2024
Tue 3 - Fri 6 December 2024 Chongqing, China

A Mountain City


Chongqing is a city located in the southwest part of China. It is known as the "Mountain City" due to its undulating terrain and high-rise buildings. The city is situated at the confluence of the two major rivers, the Yangtze River and the Jialing River, which makes it a strategic location for transportation and commerce. As one of the largest cities in China, Chongqing has a rich history and culture. It was once the capital city of the country during the Second World War and served as an important center for the defence against the Japanese invasion. Nowadays, the city is a bustling metropoils with a population of over 30 million people.

A Tourist City


Today, Chongqing is a famous tourist city, popular among visitors for its rich history, cultural heritage, and stunning attractions. It is home to many famous attractions and landmarks, including the breathtaking Three Gorges, Hongya Cave, Ciqikou Ancient Town, and many more. Visitors to Chongqing can enjoy a wealth of activities, from exploring the city's historical landmarks to sampling the local cuisine and experiencing the vibrant cultural scene. This unique blend of history, culture, and modernity makes Chongqing a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to China.

Attractions of Chongqing

Hongya Cave

Hongya Cave


One of the iconic landmarks in Chongqing is the Hongya Cave. It is a cluster of old buildings that have been restored and converted into a lively commercial street. It is a popular tourist attraction and a great place to experience the traditional Chongqing lifestyle. Visitors can try the famous hotpot, admire the stunning view of the Jialing River, and shop for local souvenirs.


Ciqikou Ancient Town


According to an old Chinese proverb, "One flagstone road, and one thousand years' Ciqikou". The name of the town can be traced back to porcelain production during the Ming (1368–1644) and Qing dynasties. Formerly a busy port located at the lower reaches of the Jialing River, a thousand years after its foundation the town remains a symbol and microcosm of old Chongqing .

Yangtze River cableway

Yangtze River Cableway


There is a special mode of transportation in Chongqing, the Yangtze River Cableway, which is a cable car stretching across the Yangtze River. The cableway is 1,166 meters long and connects two districts, Yuzhong and Nan'an. Its speed is 6 meters per second. It is not only an inspiration for filmmakers but also a must-do for tourists in Chongqing.

Jinyun Mountain

Jinyun Mountain


Jinyun Mountain, located at Wentang Gorge of Jialing River and famous for its rosy clouds, is the ecological barrier of the main urban area of Chongqing. It is a perfect choice for avoiding the summer heat, admiring the winter fog, and watching the sea of clouds and the sunrise.