ICSA 2024
Tue 4 - Sat 8 June 2024 Hyderabad, Telangana, India


Anyone of the following should work for you:

  • Check with your hotel, they may offer a pick-up service, they will arrange Pick-up service in advance.
  • Your Uber app will work seamlessly here, just book a cab to your location and follow the signs to Uber cabs when you exit, You may pre-schedule your Uber Ride from Hyderabad International Airport through Uber using scheduling facility. Make sure you have enabled your credit card (that you have set up on your Uber account) for international charge. However, sometimes Uber driver may insist on getting paid directly and not via Uber. So check before you get on the cab. Carrying cash in such situations is a good idea.
  • If you are coming at an odd time (late night or early morning), or for any other reason you need pre-booked taxi, please checkout the 24x7 services from Hyderabad Airport here

You can use Uber or Ola services to get a ride. You can also ask the hotel to book you a vehicle. If your credit card is enabled for international transactions and you have added it as a payment method in the app, then the payment will be seamless. Otherwise, make sure you have cash to pay the cab driver (which they anyway prefer over automatic payments to Uber or Ola!

Roads in Hyderabad are not pedestrian-friendly. Unless you have done it before, we strongly advise you not to walk to the venue. You can get an Uber or a 3-wheeler (Tuk-tuk, called Auto locally, Auto rickshaw) even for a very short distance.

If you are staying in one of the designated hotels (see Accommodation page for the list of hotels and which ones have the shuttle service), we will have shuttle service between these hotels and the venue.


The best way of accessing cash in India is to withdraw it from any local ATM using your bank debit card, as long as it has Visa or Mastercard logo (a few other logo are also supported by ATMs). It will attract some additional charges for international access and currency conversion charges, but it is hassle-free. Most businesses will accept debit and credit cards (American Express cards have much less acceptance than Visa and Mastercard) so you do not need to carry cash in most cases. Carrying USD 50 worth of cash (INR 4000) at all times should be good enough for most eventualities.

Forex counters are available at both arrivals and departures at Hyderabad International Airport. Additionally, some hotels also do, check with the hotel you are staying in. There are foreign exchange services nearby as well (Thomas Cook for example).


A local SIM card can give you a local number and high speed internet at an affordable price, so you should consider getting one. However, you need an unlocked phone which can take a sim card. If you plan to procure a SIM card here and you don’t carry an unlocked phone, make sure you visit your local provider and get it unlocked before you travel. You may also get a local SIM card at Hyderabad International Airport, check details here and here.

Power supply to power sockets in India is AC 230 V, 60 Hz. Make sure that your device and the power cable can handle this, most laptop adapters are designed to handle worldwide voltage range (100V to 230V) so they should be fine, but do check to be sure. You will need adapters so that your device cables can plug into the sockets you will see in India. You should be able to find them in most retailers who carry travel accessories or order online. Also, keep in mind that USB port are not very common in India on wall panels, so do carry an socket. If you do forget carrying them, you can buy them in local shop when you land.

  • This is highly advisable. However, this is likely to be expensive, so if you have an option for pay-per-use, take that so that you can use it in emergency. For regular usage, our advice is to get local SIM card which provides voice and data access.
  • If you are going to land in Hyderabad with neither your data plan or international roaming, please make sure you have the pick-up confirmed and have the details with you. Do carry the local number of our volunteers or conference committee members for emergency, and try to carry cash.

IIIT Hyderabad campus has Eduroam and you can connect to this network, make sure you remember your credentials! We also provide special guest wifi network for conference participants.


It is a great idea! Hyderabad is a culture-rich place and a long history, you will enjoy going around in Hyderabad and nearby places. If you have a few days at your disposal, you can also consider visiting a few other cities. Please check Explore Hyderabad! and Explore India! Section for curated tour information.

Yes, please submit your request at the Registration desk on the day of the event. Check out for more details about Cultural Tours under Social Events.