ETAPS 2019
Sat 6 - Thu 11 April 2019 Prague, Czech Republic
Sun 7 Apr 2019 14:30 - 15:00 at S8 - III Chair(s): Vasco T. Vasconcelos

Modern web applications can now offer desktop-like experiences from within the browser, thanks to technologies such as WebSockets, which enable low-latency duplex communication between the browser and the server. While these advances are great for the user experience, they represent a new responsibility for web developers who now need to manage and verify the correctness of the now more complex now and potentially stateful interactions in their application.

In this paper, we present a technique for developing interactive web applications that are statically guaranteed to communicate following a given protocol. First, the global interaction protocol is described in the Scribble protocol language – based on multiparty session types. Scribble protocols are checked for well-formedness, and then each role is projected to a Finite State Machine representing the structure of communication from the perspective of the role. We use source code generation and a novel type-level encoding of FSMs using multi-parameter type classes to leverage the type system of the target language to guarantee type-safe programs conform to the communication protocol.

Our work targets PureScript – a functional language that compiles to JavaScript – which crucially has an expressive enough type system to provide static linearity guarantees. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach through a web-based Battleship game where communication is performed through WebSocket connections.

Sun 7 Apr

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13:30 - 15:30
Chair(s): Vasco T. Vasconcelos University of Lisbon, Portugal
Keynote: Shared Session Types for Safe, Practical Concurrency
Stephanie Balzer Carnegie Mellon University
Multiparty session type-safe web development with static linearity
Jonathan King Habito and Imperial College London, Nicholas Ng Imperial College London, Nobuko Yoshida Imperial College London
Service Equivalence via Multiparty Session Type Isomorphisms
Assel Altayeva Imperial College London, Nobuko Yoshida Imperial College London