ETAPS 2019
Sat 6 - Thu 11 April 2019 Prague, Czech Republic

The ETAPS Mentoring Workshop (EMW) is intended to help students early in the program with advice on research, career, and life in the fields of Computing that are covered by the ETAPS conference. Students will attend lecture that describe key ideas in the field but also how the researchers came up with those ideas, what obstacles they had to overcome and other helpful advice. Students will get to interact one-on-one with researchers at mentoring breakfasts and participate in role-playing activities. Prospective Ph.D students (undergraduates and Masters) will be assigned mentors who will help them navigate the conference.

Application are required to attend the EMW. It is possible to be both a Student Volunteer and an EMW attendee.


Student are expected to arrive on Saturday April 6th, a welcome lecture by Mooly Sagiv will open the workshop in the evening. The majority of the lectures will take place on Sunday April 7th. Students will also attend mentorship breakfasts on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.


To keep focus and allow for interactions, the number of attendees will be limited. Apply by filling the form in the submission box. Preference will be given to who articulate clearly what they hope to learn from the workshop. The answers do not have to be long but they should be specific

Very limited funding may be available for students who would not be able to attend otherwise (these funds depend on our ability to raise industrial sponsorships). Students may also apply to be Student Volunteer to be able to attend the rest of the conference, There are also 10 ETAPS Student Scholarships which give 500 Euros to students coming to Prague.