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VL/HCC 2020
Tue 11 - Fri 14 August 2020 Dunedin, New Zealand
Tue 11 Aug 2020 13:00 - 13:20 at Zoom Room - Session 1

The introduction of Git, a version control system, has radically changed the software development process. Currently, Git is considered an essential skill for software engineering developers and is necessary for collaboration between developers. This reliance on Git means that software development creates a vast pool of publicly available data. This data provides an opportunity for software engineering researchers interested in analyzing the software development process. Such analysis could facilitate numerous tools for developers that substantially increase developer productivity.

This opportunity has become apparent to researchers and the field is growing rapidly. However, analysis is riddled with difficulties because starting data extraction is a non-trivial matter. Mining Software Repository researchers are limited to crawling the Git ecosystem manually or leveraging APIs for data extraction. Unfortunately, these API are often difficult to use and might not be robust enough to retrieve the desired information. Alongside this, sampling is frequently done by manually selecting projects, which may be biased, and this practice has the potential to introduce data integrity problems.

To overcome these issues, my goal is to design and implement a user interface that enables software engineering researchers to effectively analyze code repositories. This inter- face will aim to address the complications other API currently face. The interface will allow rapid retrieval of a vast amount of Git data and will specifically target ease of use issues that have been noted for other API. It will be built to retrieve the desired data based on minimal and easily provided input. Thus, removing the need for users to expend effort understanding the. system before use.

  • Prospective Doctoral Candidate at the University of Tennessee
  • BS in Computer Science
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Tue 11 Aug

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