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VL/HCC 2020
Tue 11 - Fri 14 August 2020 Dunedin, New Zealand
Tue 11 Aug 2020 12:40 - 13:00 at Zoom Room - Session 1

Re-representation is a fundamental problem-solving tactic, yet software tools persevere with a single representation despite changes in the problem, purpose, or person using it. Consider spreadsheets, which have found applications from finance tracking, time series analysis, statistics, and even as databases; and they are used by people with diverse backgrounds, skills, and abilities. Regardless of what they are used for or the operator, spreadsheets present a grid of cells as their primary—and sometimes only—means of interaction. This project will allow software to change representation with the situation, rather than forcing the user to make the situation fit the software. We introduce correspondences to link representations, heuristics to automatically discover correspondences, and a correspondence-based objective function, enabling tools which adapt with the user and problem.

Tue 11 Aug

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