CSEE&T 2024
Mon 29 July - Thu 1 August 2024 Würzburg, Germany

In a world increasingly driven by software, the role of a software engineer has never been more paramount. From the smartphones in our hands to the most intricate space exploration missions, software systems are at the very heart. Yet, as these systems continue to evolve in size, complexity, and importance, the education and training methods to prepare the next generation of software engineers must be equally adaptive and forward-looking. Over the past three decades, Software Engineering Education and Training (SEE&T) has continually risen to these evolving challenges. Initially, the focus was on defining the role of software engineers and how SEE&T integrates into broader engineering and computer science curricula. The current landscape, however, is shifting the focus towards enhanced knowledge transfer, emphasizing experiential learning, and aligning academic teaching with real-world industrial demands. The importance of effective communication, whether with clients or peers, the rising trend of project-based and problem-driven learning methodologies, and the symbiotic relationship between academia and industry form the very essence of modern SEE&T.

This is the mission of the Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training (CSEE&T). As the world’s foremost conference on the topic, it has created a highly interactive community of academics and industry professionals. The aim of the conference is to solicit, review, and publish original high-quality research, tutorial, and survey articles in the area of Software Engineering Education at the K-12, undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate level, as well as Software Engineering Training in industrial or post-academic settings. In it’s 36th year, the conference has established itself as the spawning ground for modern Software Engineering Education.

We welcome you to the 36th CSEE&T in Würzburg!