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Sun 18 - Fri 23 October 2020 Montreal, Canada

Become a Sponsor of MODELS and expose your organization, company, product or service to hundreds of people interested in Model Driven Engineering, academics and engineers alike.

MODELS is the premier international conference on model-driven engineering languages and systems. It is organized with the support of ACM SIGSOFT and IEEE TCSE. MODELS attracts every year the top researchers and practitioners of advanced software engineering using MDE. In 2020, we expect around 400 participants from countries around the world — including academic, industrial, and governmental researchers and advanced practitioners. A big majority of attendees are senior graduate students. As a sponsor of MODELS, your organization will have a unique opportunity to interact with the world’s leading architects, researchers, students and practitioners of advanced software engineering techniques.

Hosted at the University of Montreal, Canada's top university in computer science, MODELS'20 will include a practitioner's symposium, the industry day, marketed towards engineers building systems using MDE in North-America, Europe, and worldwide. The day will feature talks by industry speakers for industrial audience.

Sponsorship Benefits

We rely on sponsorship to help us keep the registration costs affordable for students and international attendees. We are grateful for sponsors' support of our community.

Other sponsorship opportunities are also available (e.g., sponsoring of a banquet, lunch, reception, social events). We would also be happy to discuss with you a tailored package if you have any special needs.

For more information, or to join us as a sponsor, please contact Francis Bordeleau at francis.bordeleau@etsmtl.ca or Richard Paige at paigeri@mcmaster.ca.


Sponsorship Level Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Cost CAD 2,000 CAD 4,000 CAD 7,000 CAD 15,000+
Small logo on the conference website x      
Small logo on the conference publicity materials x x x x
Commercial sheet in the conference packs of all MODELS participants x x x x
Sponsor name acknowledged at opening plenary session x x x x
Mention in the conference social media accounts (facebook, twitter) x x x x
Free-pass for the Industry Day of MODELS (includes the evening reception) 1 1 2 3
Free-pass for MODELS20 (6 days, incl. all presentations, receptions, and banquet)   1 2 3
Banner in the conference lobby area [1]   1 1 2
Large logo on the conference website   x x x
Networking/recruitment event with interested participants (mostly graduate students)   x x x
Exhibition booth on the industry day [2]   x x x
Preference in selecting location of your exhibition booth on the industry day [3]     x x
Wide option of promotional materials (flyers, brochures, pens, lanyards, scratchpads) in the attendee packs [4]     x x
Profile/blog post/interview on your company/product in the conference website     x x
Special mention in the opening ceremony of the conference     x x
Prominent logo on the conference T-Shirt used by conference staff [2]       x
Official sponsor of conference event (reception, lunch) with an appropriate attribution [5]   x x x

[1] As provided by the sponsor.
[2] In coordination with organizers.
[3] Preferences are given in the order: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
[4] Appropriate material is to be provided by the sponsor.
[5] Reception naming available to platinum level only. Lunch, break, and session naming available to silver and above. Level and date of commitment is used for assignments.


  1. The IEEE and ACM are the top-level conference sponsors, they have accepted the financial risks of the conference. Their logos will be as prominent as all other sponsors, they will be able to have booths to display their wares, and they will share in any conference profits or losses as per their agreement with the conference. This web page does not address IEEE and ACM sponsorship, which has been separately arranged.
  2. Sponsorship funds will in part be used to reduce costs of participation at the conference by attendees, and in part to enhance services and quality of events. Use of funds will be at the discretion of conference organizers.
  3. Selection of papers, keynote speakers, workshops, formal demonstrations, tutorials and other program elements will be based on scientific merit and be performed by peer review independent of all sponsors.
  4. Sponsors who also participate in peer review will be asked to declare any conflicts of interest that may arise.
  5. Competitors may be present as sponsors, or as presenters at various sessions.
  6. Papers or talks may contain material critical of your company, products or services. In the interest of free speech and freedom from bias, the conference will not take any steps to suppress such material, although we will help ensure all material is in good taste.
  7. The organizers reserve the right to limit sponsorship to sponsors relevant to the objectives of the conference.
  8. Sponsors will be asked to sign a formal agreement outlining the responsibilities of each party.
  9. Sponsors are asked to participate in helping promote the conference.
  10. Other sponsors may have negotiated different arrangements than those indicated in this page.
  11. In the case of a force majeur cancellation of part or all of the conference, or other difficulties such as travel restrictions caused by world events, priority will be given to refunding attendees fees (in whole or in part as possible). Refunding of sponsorships would only occur to the extent that there are funds available, after other expenses and contractual obligations are covered, and the IEEE/ACM sponsors break even. Sponsors would still be listed on the conference website.
  12. The contents of the call for sponsors are subject to correction and fine-tuning at any time.