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Dr. Markus Borg is a senior researcher with the Mobility and Systems department at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and an adjunct senior lecturer at Lund University. He is also a board member of the non-profit trade organization Swedsoft.

The goal of his research is to support the successful engineering of software-intensive systems. His main contributions deal with tapping into the collected wisdom of historical project data to facilitate machine learning for actionable decision support in defect management, for example, bug assignment and change impact analysis. The most useful approaches are currently implemented in tools used within Ericsson.

His current research interests are related to software engineering for machine learning, especially for ADAS development mandated by automotive safety standards. Ongoing studies involve requirements engineering, MLOps pipelines, and software testing in the simulator ESI Pro-SiVIC.

Affiliation:RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
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Research interests:empirical software engineering, machine learning, safety engineering, software testing, requirements engineering


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