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Requirements Engineering 2021
Mon 20 - Fri 24 September 2021
Fri 24 Sep 2021 08:00 - 08:30 at Basilica - Quality Requirements Chair(s): Jennifer Horkoff

The growing complexity of software systems and the influence of software-supported decisions in our society awoke the need for software that is transparent, accountable, and trustworthy. Explainability has been identified as a means to achieve these qualities. It is recognized as an emerging non-functional requirement (NFR) that has a significant impact on system quality. However, in order to incorporate this NFR into systems, we need to understand what explainability means from a software engineering perspective and how it impacts other quality aspects in a system. This allows for an early analysis of the benefits and possible design issues that arise from interrelationships between different quality aspects. Nevertheless, explainability is currently under-researched in the domain of requirements engineering and there is a lack of conceptual models and knowledge catalogues that support the requirements engineering process and system design. In this work, we bridge this gap by proposing a definition, a model, and a catalogue for explainability. They illustrate how explainability interacts with other quality aspects and how it may impact various quality dimensions of a system. To this end, we conducted an interdisciplinary Systematic Literature Review and validated our findings with experts in workshops.

Fri 24 Sep

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08:00 - 09:20
Quality RequirementsIndustrial Innovation Papers / Research Papers / RE@Next! Papers at Basilica
Chair(s): Jennifer Horkoff Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg

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Exploring Explainability: A Definition, a Model, and a Knowledge CatalogueResearch Paper
Research Papers
Larissa Chazette Leibniz University Hannover, Wasja Brunotte Leibniz University Hannover, Timo Speith Saarland University
A Pipeline for Automating Labeling to Prediction in Classification of NFRsIndustrial Innovation Paper
Industrial Innovation Papers
Ranit Chatterjee TCS Research, Abdul Ahmed TCS Research, Preethu Rose Anish TCS Research, Brijendra Suman TCS Research, Prashant Lawhatre TCS Research, Smita Ghaisas TCS Research
Text Mining for Standardized Quality Criteria of Natural-Language IT RequirementsRE@Next
RE@Next! Papers
Serda Hauser University of Leipzig, Erik Buchmann Hochschule für Telekommunikation Leipzig