ISSTA 2019
Mon 15 - Fri 19 July 2019 Beijing, China
Fri 19 Jul 2019 14:45 - 15:07 at Grand Ballroom - Testing GUIs and Cars Chair(s): Lingming Zhang

Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) are one of the most common user interfaces, enabling interactions with applications through mouse movements and key presses. Tools for automated testing of GUIs exist, however they usually rely on operating system specific or framework specific knowledge in order to interact with the application under test. Because of frequent operating system updates and a large variety of GUI frameworks, such tools are made obsolete by time. Applications that use GUIs then need to find alternative tools to generate new tests, which again need some form of guidance for simulated interaction with the application. For an automated GUI test generation tool, supporting many frameworks and operating systems is impractical; new operating system updates can remove required information and each different GUI framework uses unique underlying data structures. We propose a technique for improving random GUI testing by automatically identifying GUI widgets in screen shots using machine learning techniques. This information provides guidance to GUI testing tools in environments not currently supported by deriving GUI widget information from screen shots only. In our experiments, we found that identifying GUI widgets from screen shots and using this information to guide random testing achieved a significantly higher branch coverage in 18 of 20 applications, with an average increase of 42.5% compared to conventional random testing.

Fri 19 Jul
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14:00 - 15:30: Testing GUIs and CarsTechnical Papers at Grand Ballroom
Chair(s): Lingming Zhang
14:00 - 14:22
TestMig: Migrating GUI Test Cases from iOS to Android
Technical Papers
Xue Qin, Hao ZhongShanghai Jiao Tong University, Xiaoyin WangUniversity of Texas at San Antonio, USA
14:22 - 14:45
Learning User Interface Element Interactions
Technical Papers
Christian DegottCISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security, Nataniel Borges Jr.CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security, Andreas ZellerCISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security
Pre-print Media Attached
14:45 - 15:07
Improving Random GUI Testing with Image-based Widget Detection
Technical Papers
Thomas D. WhiteThe University of Sheffield, Gordon FraserUniversity of Passau, Guy J. BrownThe University of Sheffield
15:07 - 15:30
Automatically Testing Self-Driving Cars with Search-based Procedural Content Generation
Technical Papers
Alessio GambiUniversity of Passau, Marc MuellerBeamNG GmbH, Gordon FraserUniversity of Passau