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Fri 16 - Fri 23 October 2020
Tue 20 Oct 2020 09:30 - 10:30 at Room C - OpenMBEE Day 1

Software vendors try to engage with users in a multitude of ways. They have tried short beta programs, long term early releases, and some even go so far as to expose nightly builds to key accounts. There are many challenges with these approaches, from lack of feedback, quality of the feedback, and the concentration of need being focused on the few participating customers who actively engage. In this presentation, Mr. Krajmalnik will discuss how OpenMBEE provides a different model for how open communities can help drive industrial solutions from software companies and how this can build beneficial relationships across stakeholders. The focus will be on the real world experience earlier in his career where OpenMBEE and the participating organizations contributed in a very positive way to product development.

Enrique recently joined Zuken USA as VP of Business Development, where he is charged with developing the growth strategy around digital engineering. Prior to Zuken, he served as CTO of No Magic and Cyber Systems R&D Application Director at Dassault Systemes where he was responsible for standards-based modeling strategy, product direction, and overall vision. During his tenure leading the R&D effort, the No Magic product line experienced significant commercial growth and became one of the dominant players in Model Based Systems Engineering. Mr. Krajmalnik is a veteran of the IT services industry, with over 30 years of experience providing technical solutions for business. He holds a Bachelors’ degree in Economics from the University of California at Santa Cruz and studied Mechanical Engineering at Duke University.

Tue 20 Oct

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09:00 - 10:30
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