ICSME 2023
Sun 1 - Fri 6 October 2023 Bogotá, Colombia

ICSME 2023 Sponsors

ICSME 2023 Supporters

Sponsorship Options

Kit: ICSME gives a welcome pack to attendees, Sponsors can add branded material and items to this welcome pack.

Webpage: Sponsor's Name and Logo will be added to the webpage. An URL could be given by the Sponsor to redirect website viewers when clicking in the logo or name.

Social Media: All our social media posts will mention our sponsors.

Social Event: Two people defined by the sponsor can attend one of the ICSME2023 Social Events.

Talk: A 30 minutes talk during ICSME Week.

Stand: A ~1.5mt x ~1.5mt stand from Oct 1 to Oct 6 at the conference venue.

Registration: Free ICSME registration for 2 people.