Thu 7 Sep 2023 14:15 - 14:45 at f142 - Modeling Chair(s): Gunter Mussbacher

Precisely understanding and capturing runtime requirements is the basis for the success of self-adaptive systems. Runtime goal models are an effective way to represent such runtime requirements on top of traditional design-time goal models. However, due to the increasingly complex environments and unpredictable stakeholder behaviors, the runtime requirements are challenging to explore at the design time fully and are usually captured manually. In this paper, we present ongoing work on automatically mining runtime requirements from runtime user interactions. Specifically, our approach takes design-time goal models as input, which are first associated with user operation sequences. Then, we mine runtime behavior patterns from the operation sequences, shedding light on the runtime requirements. We have demonstrated our approach with a real system, which is an online data-flow diagram (DFD) modeling platform and has been used for more than three years. By applying our approach, a runtime goal model for this system has been automatically established, reasonably showing modelers’ runtime requirements when modeling DFDs.

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Thu 7 Sep

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13:45 - 15:15
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Chair(s): Gunter Mussbacher McGill University
Analysis and optimisation of SPL products using goal models
Research Papers
A: Inmaculada Ayala Universidad de Málaga, A: Mercedes Amor Universidad de Málaga, A: Lidia Fuentes Universidad de Málaga, Spain
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Discovering runtime requirements from user interactions: ideas and preliminary studies
RE@Next! Papers
A: Tong Li Beijing University of Technology, A: Xinran Zhang Beijing University of Technology, A: Yiting Wang
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Visualizations for User-supported State Space Exploration of Goal Models
RE@Next! Papers
A: Yesugen Baatartogtokh Smith College, A: Irene Foster Smith College, A: Alicia M. Grubb Smith College