ETAPS 2019
Sat 6 - Thu 11 April 2019 Prague, Czech Republic
Thu 11 Apr 2019 09:00 - 10:00 at SUN I - Flanagan Chair(s): Tomáš Vojnar

Our computing infrastructure utilises multi core processors and multi processor hardware across the entire spectrum of systems from small mobile devices to huge data centers. These systems offer increased performance and scaling over single-processor systems, but at a significant cost: writing correct concurrent software is notoriously challenging. Programmers must take extreme care to orchestrate synchronisation between threads to avoid non-deterministic errors such as race conditions and atomicity violations that are notoriously difficult to detect, reproduce, or eliminate. This talk will review research on static and dynamic analysis techniques to help detect and localise these kinds of concurrency errors.

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Thu 11 Apr

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09:00 - 10:00
FlanaganKeynotes at SUN I
Chair(s): Tomáš Vojnar Brno University of Technology
Towards Efficient and Precise Concurrent Software Analysis
Cormac Flanagan University of California, Santa Cruz
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