ICSME 2023
Sun 1 - Fri 6 October 2023 Bogotá, Colombia
Wed 4 Oct 2023 14:24 - 14:40 at Session 2 Room - RGD 04 - Tools and Environments Chair(s): Shurui Zhou, Christoph Treude

Re-architecting a software system requires significant preparation, e.g., to scope and design new modules with their boundaries and constituent classes. When planning an intended future state of a system as a re-engineering goal, engineers often fall recur to mechanisms such as freehand sketching (using a whiteboard). While this ensures flexibility and expressiveness, the sketches remain disconnected from the source code. The alternative, tool-supported diagramming on the other hand considerably restricts flexibility and impedes free-form communication.

We present a method for preparing the architectural software re-engineering via freehand sketches in virtual reality (VR) that can be seamlessly integrated with the model structure of a software visualization and, thus, also the code of a system, for productive use: Engineers explore a subject system in the immersive visualization, while freehand sketching their insights and plans. Our concept automatically interprets sketched shapes and connects them to the system’s source code, and superimposes code-level references into a sketch to support engineers in reflecting on their sketches.

We evaluated our method in an iterative interview-based case study with software developers from four different companies, where they planned a hypothetical re-engineering of an open-source software system.

Wed 4 Oct

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13:30 - 15:00
Tools and EnvironmentsResearch Track / Tool Demo Track / New Ideas and Emerging Results Track at Session 2 Room - RGD 04
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