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Wed 12 Jul 2017 09:30 - 09:55 at Bren 1414 - Experience Report Chair(s): Andreas Zeller

Nowadays, due to the frequent technological innovation and market changes, software libraries are evolving very quickly. Backward compatibility has always been one of the most important requirements during the evolution of software platforms and libraries. However, backward compatibility is seldom fully achieved in practice, and many relevant software failures are reported. Therefore, it is important to understand the status, major reasons, and impact of backward incompatibilities in real world software. This paper presents an empirical study to understand behavioral changes of APIs during evolution of software libraries. Specifically, we performed a large-scale cross-version regression testing on 68 consecutive version pairs from 15 popular Java software libraries. Furthermore, we collected and studied 126 real-world software bugs reports on backward incompatibilities of software libraries. Our major findings include: (1) 1,094 test failures / errors and 296 behavioral backward incompatibilities are detected from 52 of 68 consecutive version pairs; (2) there is a distribution mismatch between incompatibilities detected by library-side regression testing, and bug-inducing incompatibilities; (3) the majority of behavioral backward incompatibilities are not well documented in API documents or release notes; and (4) 67% of fixed client bugs caused by backward incompatibilities in software libraries are fixed by client developers, through several simple change patterns made to the backward incompatible API invocation.

Wed 12 Jul

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09:30 - 09:55
Experience ReportTechnical Papers at Bren 1414
Chair(s): Andreas Zeller Saarland University
Experience Paper: A Study on Behavioral Backward Incompatibilities of Java Software Libraries
Technical Papers
Shaikh Mostafa University of Texas at San Antonio, USA, Rodney Rodriguez University of Texas at San Antonio, USA, Xiaoyin Wang University of Texas at San Antonio, USA