ISSTA 2022
Mon 18 - Fri 22 July 2022 Daejeon, South Korea

ISSTA will host a diverse offering of workshops bringing together academics, industrial researchers, and practitioners to exchange new ideas, problems, and experiences. Topics for workshops may include, but are not limited to, the theory, design, implementation, optimization, testing, and analysis of models, programs, and programming languages. Accepted papers will appear in the workshop proceedings of ISSTA by ACM.

ISSTA 2022 wishes to host a diverse set of workshops for both academics and industry practitioners: our aim is to provide a friendly platform to exchange new ideas and experiences. Topics of workshops include, but are not limited to the theory, design, implementation, optimization, testing, and analysis of software.

To submit a proposal for an ISSTA 2022 workshop, please complete the following application form online. Once you make the application, the organisers will notify whether the workshop has been accepted or not within four weeks. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until January 31, 2022.

Link to Online Application Form:

Each workshop must conform to the following schedule constraints:

  • The workshop’s website must be live within two weeks of notification of the workshop’s acceptance and include relevant information about any call for papers.
  • The paper submission date for the workshop must be at least one week after the final technical paper notification date for the main conference, i.e., the earliest workshop submission date can be 18th April 2022.
  • Final notification dates for paper acceptance to workshops must be at least 3 days before the early registration period ends.

Please contact the workshop co-chairs, Gunel Jahangirova and Shin Yoo