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Before ISSTA 2018Wed 11 Jul 2018

My name is Diego and I am 23 years old. I am a graduating undergrad and soon to be Masters of Software Engineering student at Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. This will be my first time attending to, and also presenting at, research conference, so I’m really excited. My previous research experience is limited to personal research and a summer research internship at Purdue University, USA. My research interests are software engineering, open source software, cloud computing and security.

I work as a senior full-stack developer in the innovation team at Inalambria, a Colombian SMS platform, building new products for a global audience. I thank them for the support they have given me.

I will be presenting the tool demo paper Mutode: Generic JavaScript and Node.js Mutation Testing Tool and its poster, based on my undergrad thesis, at ISSTA 2018. Mutode is a new mutation testing tool for JavaScript and Node.js applications or modules, that aims to work with any testing framework with no configuration, helping software developers assess and improve their test suites. I am really hoping I don’t go over the 8 minutes, but really excited to be presenting it.

I will also be a student volunteer, an experience which I am really looking forward to as I will be able to interact with more people and really dive deep into the research conference experience, helping around in different moments of the conference and sharing ideas with other students and researchers.

I am really looking forward this experience and getting to listen others’ work at ISSTA, ECOOP, Curry On and the other workshops. I am sure this will be an awesome and life changing experience.