The Doctoral Symposium is a forum for doctoral students to present their research topic and receive detailed feedback in a constructive and friendly atmosphere. PhD students at any stage of the research are welcome, although they are expected to already have an identified research topic. Participants will obtain useful guidance that will help them complete their research, prepare their thesis, and begin a research career.

The main objectives of the Doctoral Symposium are:

  • to allow PhD students to practise effective writing and communication of their research;
  • to receive constructive feedback from the Program Committee, Academic Panel, and other participants;
  • to offer opportunities to form research collaborations and interact with other researchers at the main conferences.

In 2018 the Doctoral Symposium will a joint event between the ECOOP and ISSTA conferences, so we welcome participation of students who pursue their research in the areas of both object-oriented programming and software testing and analysis. The event will take place on Wednesday, July 18th, 2018: between the ISSTA and ECOOP conferences. To get more feedback and share their research with a broader audience, participants of the Doctoral Symposium are strongly encouraged to participate in the Poster Session to be held later the same day.

Call for Submissions

We have two distinct submission categories: junior and senior submissions. Junior students may not yet have fully developed a thesis topic, so they will present their research ideas and any progress to date. Senior students are expected to give an outline of their thesis research and will receive feedback to help them successfully complete their thesis and defense/viva.

Submissions are due on April 15th, 2018, AOE.

As participants of the Doctoral Symposium are not expected to submit technical papers, but rather thesis proposals, participants can submit to both the main conferences/workshops and the Doctoral Symposium. Nevertheless, self-plagiarism is not allowed, and related papers (including papers accepted to the main conferences) are to be properly cited.