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Attending ECOOP 2018Wed 11 Jul 2018

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My name is Kumseok Jung and I am a first year master’s student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. During my time in the industry I dealt with SCADA systems interfacing with robots and web systems interfacing with humans, and I felt that many existing systems are needlessly complicated due to certain practical constraints and there could be something more simple and elegant. As finding the time and resource to focus on deeper problems is often limited in an industry setting, I returned to university to study in a more formal and disciplined environment with people whose interests align with my own. I have an omnivorous appetite for thoughts and ideas across various subjects, but in my current research I primarily focus on software engineering for distributed systems. I am particularly fond of decentralized architectures due to their resilient nature and am interested in discovering programming primitives for such systems.

At ECOOP, I am going to present ThingsMigrate, a research effort by our team at UBC, which provides a platform-independent live-migration framework for stateful JavaScript processes. Our work reduces the complexity of process migration across a heterogeneous computer network like the IoT. As this is my first time at a conference, I am absolutely thrilled to participate both as a presenter and a student volunteer. I am also looking forward to the Summer School lectures given by leading researchers and finding out what other people are doing in the world of research. I hope to meet lots of like-minded researchers and be exposed to outrageous ideas. I believe this conference will be a fun and valuable experience.