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Blog Post pre-conference by Fabian Mosso ChavezFri 13 Jul 2018

I am Fabian Mosso, currently I am finishing my Master at the “Universidad de Chile”, Chile. And I am not sure yet if I want to pursue a PhD or sell my soul to the industry.
 Since my younger days, as an undergraduate student, I show interest in how we can be sure that programs do what are suppose to do. But everything change, when I discovered the Curry-Howard correspondence; the correspondence says that programs are proof. I found amazing how two things that appears to do not have anything on common are related, that I could give a proof that a program is correct.
 After that day I knew that I wanted to know more, so I started my master in programming languages, and currently I work on side effects, pure programs are fun but effectful languages are real.
 I have been in previous conference of the area of programming languages, and they are amazing, the work presented there is very interesting, but they are a bit too theoretical. Some ideas from there may never get out of the selected circle of ten people. What I hope to gain from ecoop is to know the work on the other side of the spectrum, cool work about the real world, about languages that are used in the real world. Maybe the conference change my mind about pursuing a PhD or even my appreciation of the industry.