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Pre-conference blog for ECOOP/ISSTA by Boas KluivingFri 13 Jul 2018

Hi, my name is Boas Kluiving. I have just finished my Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) in the Netherlands. During my undergraduate studies, I carried out multiple research projects in term rewriting and static analysis. Next year, I will start with the Master of Logic at the UvA, focusing specifically on Logic and Computation.

This will be the first research conference I will attend and the first time being a student volunteer. While I have had some experience with helping with organising conferences for students, I expect this conference to be of a whole different level.

I am really excited to experience this research conference first-hand! Being a student volunteer makes it possible for me to learn more about the current state of the art in programming languages while at the same time contributing to the conference by volunteering. During the conference, I plan to meet new people, both students and researchers, from different universities all over the world and learn more about the research they conduct.

Because I am still at the start of my academic career, I do not yet have one clear research area I would like to focus on. During this conference, I hope to discover interesting research topics that I could possibly specialise in during my Masters programme.

I am looking forward to all the interesting talks at Curry On, ECOOP and ISSTA. In particular, I am very interested in the talks concerning functional programming, static analysis and software testing and hope to learn more about these topics. I hope to see you at the conference!