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Pre-conference blog post by Anton GolovFri 13 Jul 2018

Hi! My name is Anton Golov and I’m a mathematics student at Utrecht University, but I’m just as interested in computer science, and doubly so in the intersection of the two. In particular, I’m interested in type theory, category theory, and categorical models of type theory; in programming language design and implementation; and in constructive mathematics. For my master thesis, I’m looking at how proofs in cryptography can be formalised in Agda. I’ll be finishing at the end of summer, and hope to find a PhD to continue my journey. :)

I initially discovered ECOOP via Curry On, and am definitely looking forward to the talks there: this kind of mash-up of theory and practice is exactly what I like. In particular, I’m excited about the Linear Haskell keynote on Monday, having recently discovered the use of linear logic as a type theory for the π-calculus. Needless to say, I’m also looking forward to meeting like-minded people who care about programming language design and getting to discuss these things for a whole week!

This is my first year being a student volunteer and I’m extremely grateful to the organisers for giving me the chance to attend. I hope that it will broaden my horizons, and give me a better idea of what I would like to specialise in.