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Student Volunteer Pre-Conference Blog Post by Iason Papapanagiotakis BousySat 14 Jul 2018

My name is Iason Papapanagiotakis and I am a first-year software engineering PhD student at University College London. Before that I completed an Information Security Master’s degree from UCL and my Computer Science Bachelor in the University of Athens. I speak fluently Greek, French and English and enjoy travelling a lot.

With my supervisors, Dr. Barr and Dr. Clark, we have started looking into the possibilities offered by dynamic program analysis. More specifically, I have been investigating how probabilistic reasoning could bridge the gap between software testing and program verification. Program verification is often intractable for large scale software while testing might be inadequate to yield guarantees about the behavior of a program with respect to a property of interest. I am looking into techniques that have been developed for sound reasoning over a subset of the program states and perform targeted testing on the rest of the program to yield approximate results.

I am very excited to be attending ISSTA and ECOOP as a student volunteer. I look forward to hearing the scheduled presentations and meeting some of the researchers whose papers I have been reading over the last months. This is the first big conference I am attending so I would like to make a good impression on people working in the same area as myself and more generally learn how to make the most out of this part of academic life. As a student volunteer, I am very interested in meeting the other student volunteers, learn how they got there and hopefully share some good moments while keeping the conference running on the highest standards.