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Pre ECOOP/ISSTA 2018 blog by August ShiSat 14 Jul 2018

My name is August Shi. I am a PhD student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. My advisor is Darko Marinov and we work in the area of software testing. More specifically, I am interested in the subject of regression testing and how to improve the regression testing process, in both making regression testing faster and in making it more reliable. In this area, I’ve done work in investigating the effectiveness of test-suite reduction, developing new test selection techniques, and developing ways to detect flaky tests.

At ISSTA this year, I will be presenting our recent work on evaluating the quality of test-suite reduction as software evolves. While test-suite reduction has been studied for decades, evaluation has always been done on a single version of software, even though test-suite reduction is expected to be used in the area of regression testing, where software is evolving. In this work, we re-evaluate test-suite reduction using real software changes and real faults/failures.

I am excited that ISSTA and ECOOP are co-located this year, giving me the opportunity to interact with researchers from the programming languages community. This will be the first time I attend ECOOP, and I am looking forward to meeting people in the programming languages community and learning more about their research problems, challenges, and solutions.