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Pre-conference blog post by Di ZhongSat 14 Jul 2018

My name is Di Zhong, and I just finished the first year of my PhD program in Northeastern University, at Boston, United States. I’m working with Frank Tip, on building debugging tools for asynchronous JavaScript, and making users’ experience when programming with JavaScript smoother.

I’m looking forward to attend this conference, for its great many talks and meeting other fellow researchers. This is my first time attending ECOOP/ISSTA/Curry on, and the first time for me to visit Europe too. Lots of my experiences will be new, among them most exciting is the long list of talks I can go to. I’m very glad I have this chance to expand my knowledge on different researches that’s been going on, in the world of programming languages. I hope to learn things that, one day, will become useful for my own research.

Being a volunteer is also an experience I’m looking forward to, because I get to hang out with other participants that are similar in expertise level, and there is a lot I can learn from the senior students, before they’ve carried on with their life and forgotten about how being a student was like. I will also have the chance to talk to people outside of academia, which is always fun, especially that it’s a world I don’t have much experience in, and don’t know many people from either. The conference also offer student volunteers chances to talk to senior mentors one-on-one, which is yet another rare opportunity to come by.

Last but not least, Amsterdam seem like a beautiful city to visit! I can’t wait to try out the famous Dutch fries and raw herring, among many other kinds of delicious food.