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ECOOP/ISSTA Blog Post by David TomassiSat 14 Jul 2018

I am David Tomassi from University of California, Davis in the United States of America. I recently graduated with my Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering from University of California, Davis and will be starting my PhD for Computer Science in the Fall. I have done research in Computer Security, Programming Languages, and Software Engineering. I am particularly intrigued in using Program Analysis to find bugs in programs. Currently, I am looking at Static Analyzer tools.

I have never been to a conference before so this is a new experience for me that I am very excited about. I cannot wait to listen to all of the talks and presentations that will take place over the week. Some of the papers that I am looking forward to are “An Empirical Study on TensorFlow Program Bugs", “ Identifying Implementation Bugs in Machine Learning based Image Classifiers using Metamorphic Testing”, and “Analyzing the Analyzers: FlowDroid/IccTA, AmanDroid, and DroidSafe” I am going to be a student volunteer and will be attending the summer school program. I am looking forward to meeting fellow students and making connections with them.

This will also be my second time ever being in Europe and my first time being in the Netherlands. One thing I hope I am able to do while I am in Amsterdam is to visit the Rijksmuseum as they are currently showing some of Rembrandt’s works who is one of my favorite artists. Also, I hope I can try some of the local cuisine and coffee. Most importantly, I am looking forward to meeting new people who are passionate about Computer Science.