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Road to ECOOP by Julian HaasSun 15 Jul 2018

My name is Julian Haas and I’m a Computer Science student currently pursuing his Master’s Degree at TU Darmstadt, Germany. I am also a student research assistant at the Software Technology Group at TU Darmstadt where we work on reactive programming languages.

A few weeks ago my supervisor informed me that his paper got accepted at ECOOP. Since I am very new to the research world I did not now much about the conference back then. I looked it up on the internet, learnt that they are offering a summer school programme and applied immediately. When I finally received the acceptance e-mail I was quite overwhelmed and the feeling still holds. I am eager to discover more about how conferences and the scientific world in general work and more importantly I am also looking forward to meeting other people who are passionate about research. Besides taking part in the summer school I will also be student volunteer during the conference.

My research interests include programming languages and new programming concepts. I am also interested in compiler construction and the more technical side of things although I will say that my interests are still very broad and I am always curious to learn new things. My current work focuses on making a replicated reactive programming system more fault-tolerant regarding network- and device-failures. This is also what my bachelor’s thesis was about. It was called “Conflict-Free Replicated Reactive Programming” and tried to apply the concept of CRDTs to a distributed reactive language.

While I am writing these lines I am sitting on the train to Amsterdam full of excitement to finally discover how my first scientific conference is going to turn out. I hope to see you all at the conference!