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Blog Post pre-conference by Artem GorokhovSun 15 Jul 2018

Hello! My name is Artem Gorokhov and I do not like to write research papers. Really, I know how it is important but aghhh… Anyway, I am a first year master’s student at the Saint Petersburg State University, Russia and my current master’s research is around new applications of parsing and formal languages theory. I think my general goal in research is to make people’s (especially programmers) life more pleasurable, I am interested how state of the art knowledge from different IT areas could be applied in program development and program analysis. Software must be robust, trusted and easy to develop.

There are a lot of research done in program analysis, but industrial tools mostly does not even use researchers’ experience. I am so sad with such situation, because I want my work to be used by people. However, most of the scientific theories are just a “games” for their authors and have no real world application. May be it is OK but spending my whole life making useless stuff sounds crazy. Thus, I am still not sure in my life path. May be it is better for me to work in industry to follow my will of making USEfull software. On the other hand, there will be always tradeoffs, as Fabian Mosso said in one of the previous posts: working on industry is selling your soul… That sounds even more sad then useless research :(

I hope that on this conference and summer school I will get new life hacks from experienced researchers. During the last summer school that I was enrolled, I heard many life stories that changed my worldview. In addition, I would like to look at the projects that will be presented at the conference, hope I will find them cool. Thank you for reading :)