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Blog post before conference by Bhargav ShivkumarMon 16 Jul 2018

Hi everyone! I’m Bhargav Shivkumar and I’m pursuing my PhD from the University at Buffalo, USA. My research interests lie in the cross section of programming languages and real-time systems. I would like to explore the adaptability of functional programming languages in the real-time systems domain to make such systems much more easily expressible in a higher level language , while at the same time leverage the benefits a functional language brings to the table.

The ECOOP/ISSTA summer school gives me an opportunity to learn about advances in PL in a much more hands on manner, by having experts in that field explain it. The summer school is a great way to be mentored by established researchers which will help me go a long way in my own research as well as my academics. It also presents an opportunity for me to interact with my peers , which I hope will be a kickstarter for new ideas. Overall I have only positive expectations from the summer school and the conference and I am looking forward to being a part of it. I thank the organizers who’ve helped open up such possibilities.