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SV blogpost #1 by Artem Pelenitsyn Mon 16 Jul 2018

My name is Artem Pelenitsyn, the correct spelling of the first name is Artyom (Cyrillic: Артём), but I prefer not to fight with bureaucracy. I’m currently a research assistant at Czech Technical University in Prague, but starting the PhD studies at Northeastern University, Boston on Fall 2018.

I am interested in typed functional programming and corresponding languages (mostly, Haskell; contributed to GHC), type and effect systems, the mathematics of program construction. In the past, I worked for better software engineering principles of building a computer algebra and error-correcting codes software in C++, especially using what C++ world knows as generic programming. Last year and a half, I mostly worked on a principled approach to the subtyping relation in the Julia programming language, including formalization, mechanization and extensive validation of our approach; the latter involved patching the Julia VM, as well as developing a special-purpose fuzzy-testing technique. At the same time, I supervise a student project by Anna Bolotina where we (hope to) improve the state of datatype-generic programming with (mutually) recursive types.

I’m excited to participate in the ECOOP/ISSTA event! I’m looking forward to meeting prominent researchers whose work relates to my interests, such as Simon Peyton Jones, Sophia Drossopoulou, and others. I hope to help the event going well.